BBS Engineering has been awarded sea-Fastening contract by Halliburton/Tollow

Details of Work

Sea-fastening for MEG chemical tanks, transfer pumps, hose neels, Test Carbine, generator onsets etc.

Design Works
Analysis of the ship structure
-Impact of all the top weight on stability of the vessel
-Weight effect calculation on the vessel structure
-Load calculation on the deck.
-Stability analysis and calculation of the Vessel with the cargo.
-Detailed calculations and drawings for installation and servicing cargo

Installation works
-Steel material identification and procurement.
-Prefabrication works.
-Installations and welding
-DNV Certification

 Removal Works( Sea-fastening )
-Removal of all strapping brackets, lockers, stoppers, beams etc. by
 Gauging, Plasma Cutting and Metal disc cutting processes.
-Repair of ships deck (Welding/filling, grinding and polishing works).