About us

BBS Engineering Limited is a high quality engineering services provider established in 2003 and incoporated in 2008.We are an accomplished Engineering Company rendering engineering support services to the , Oil & Gas, Marine, Construction and other industries .

The business model employed by BBS is based on the supply of high quality services which add value to customers by ensuring regulatory compliance, controlling costs and by enabling business focus on all core activities. Our mission is to identify what the customer needs, deliver at the right time, be consistent and provide quality customer service to the satisfaction of all involved.

 BBS Engineering limited is  Castrol BP’s main distributor of offshore and marine lubricants to Ghana and Sealite (Aids to marine navigation) . We are also joint partners to Halliburton and Amec Foster Wheeler in the Oil & Gas industry , Ghana.

With a focus on growth and diversity, BBS Engineering Limited has become a reliable supplier of engineering outsourcing services.


The company`s mission is to ensure efficient and timely delivery of engineering services and supplies to the satisfaction of our clients through commitment by identifying customer needs, delivery at the right time, being consistent and providing quality services efficiently.

BBS dreams to become a leading name in the delivery of high-end engineering services and supplies across Ghana, West Africa, Africa and the world with a network of top global partners. To revolutionize the way engineering companies operate across Africa by applying modern cutting-edge business management practices backed by technical expertise to expand across Africa.